Sunday, June 9, 2013

Move the Needle's Fifth Year Anniversary

It was Move the Needle's anniversary/birthday on June 5th. I actually forgot about it until now. Move the Needle has been open since 2008 so that makes this year its 5th year. If you want to get 20% off any order in Move the Needle in the month of June, enter the code "ANNIVERSARY" at checkout. I thought I'd do a post on some recent updates at Move the Needle.

I added custom tabs to my Facebook fanpage. You can check it out here and like me if you haven't already. I like the way custom tabs look and they were fun to make.

I've sold wholesale/consignment a few times, but I want to try to get more in to wholesale. I'm currently contacting shops and learning more about selling wholesale. I made a line sheet for my business which is basically like a catalog you give to shops you want to sell your product in. Here is a page from my line sheet. If you buy wholesale, you can contact me here to see my full line sheet.

I took a while to do, but I'm glad I made a line sheet because it will make it easier for shops to buy things from me. A line sheet is also good for people who want to bulk order products from Move the Needle.

I still have to finish my Etsy eBook. It ended up being bigger than I thought and is taking me longer to finish. I hope I will have it finished and published by next month though.

I also sent out my mailing list for June last week. If you are not subscribed to my mailing list already, click here. You will also get free art journaling ideas for subscribing.

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