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Sunday, October 19, 2014


I am taking a break from this blog for a little bit. I have been blogging for years and I just thought it would be nice to have some time off. I am going to reopen the blog in the future though. If you are not already subscribed through a feed reader, you can do so by going to your favorite feed reader and entering My Thread of Thought's URL. You can also subscribe to my newsletter here. I will also still be updating my shop on Etsy, Move the Needle.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Paper Inspiration

I love looking at paper art. Here is some paper art that inspires me:

Find more paper art inspiration here. What inspires you?


Sunday, May 25, 2014

New Mini Moleskine Journals

I listed two new mini upcycled moleskine journals.

Gold and Silver Striped Mini Moleskine Journal

White Script Mini Moleskine Journal

You can see more journals in my shop.

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Illustration Inspiration

Here is some illustration inspiration I found on Pinterest:

See more illustration inspiration on my Pinterest. What kind of things inspire you?


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sold Map of San Francisco Coptic Stitch Journal

I sold this Map of San Francisco journal.

Yay! I'm happy I made a sale. I'm going to start selling my products wholesale and this is one of the items I'm going to sell. Have you sold or bought anything on Etsy lately?

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Iridescent Inspiration

Iridescent means having having rainbow colors that appear to move and change as the angle at which they are seen changes. I have some iridescent items in my shop here. Here is some more iridescent inspiration:

See more iridescent inspiration here.


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

eBay Tutorial Part 6: Feedback and Other Tips

          Part 6: Feedback and Other Tips

This is the final part of my eBay tutorial. This part is about what to do once an item sells and it is shipped.

Feedback and Communication

It's important to be professional, but personable with customers. Answer any questions you get on an item. I've had a few problems with customers before, but most get solved if I communicate with the customer right away and try to fix whatever problem they are having.

Feedback is important on eBay. It lets buyers see that you are honest and selling items well. When leaving feedback for buyers, think if they paid in a timely manner and how they handled any problems that occurred. If a buyer doesn't leave feedback, leave feedback for them first and then ask if they can leave feedback for you.

More Tips

Here are some more tips for selling on eBay:

- Your Dashboard is where everything is kept track of. You can view items that have sold, see improvement recommendations, leave feedback, see your purchase history and much more. Look on the "Alerts > To Dos" on your main Dashboard page.

- If you ever have a problem with buying or selling on eBay, you might have a case opened. If this happens, try to resolve it right away. eBay could decide to kick you out if you have too many problems, but usually they will just send you a warning first and limit your selling abilities.

- You can download a spreadsheet of your eBay data under Account > View all selling activity > Download. You can also download a spreadsheet of PayPal data on the PayPal website under "History".

- eBay has a ton of resources for learning more about eBay and for selling better. Check out the Guides where people can write guides for buying and selling on eBay. If there are specific items you are selling, search for those items in the Guides to get tips for your market. You can also write your own guides. Check out the Selling Resources page for tips from eBay. The help section also has a lot of information.

- There is an Applications section on eBay where you can find applications that do various things for free or for a price. eBay offers a free program called Turbo Lister that allows you to list multiple items and upload in bulk. It only works for Windows though. Use Outright to keep track of your finances.

- Don't forget you can buy on eBay too and get great deals. If you collect something, eBay is a great place to look. Buying items will also help your feedback. You can add items to your "Watch List" or "Wish List" if you're not sure if you want something yet. If you buy something in an auction, wait until the last few minutes to place a bid. You can also save your favorite sellers and searches.

- If you sell well on eBay, you could become a Top Rated Seller and get benefits like a 20% final value fee discount and improved search standings. You can also become a trading assistant where you help sell items for other people. 

Do you sell on eBay?

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