Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day. Earth Day is an event held worldwide to show support for environmental protection. I have some upcycled items in my shop. Upcycling means I am taking an item no longer needed or wanted and using it to make new items. Upcycling items is great for the envrionment because you are not using new materials.

Newspaper Gift Wrap

Wavy Fudge Ice Cream Vintage Greeting Card Listing Stats

Wavy Blueberry Pie Vintage Greeting Card

How do you like to celebrate Earth Day?

eBay Tutorial Part 4: Listing Items and Pricing

How to Sell on eBay Part 4
              Part 4: Listing Items and Pricing

Starting a New Listing

To make a new eBay listing, either click here or do a search for the item you're selling and click "Sell one like this".

Choose a good category. You may want to choose two categories for your item to reach more viewers. It costs a little extra to sell in a different category.

There are different opinions on when is the best time to list items. Usually, it is better to end your auction on a  Sunday night. People shop the most on Sundays and Mondays. If you do a 7 day auction, your listing will end exactly a week from when you list it. If you don't have time to list items on Sunday, you can schedule them to start at a certain time for $0.10. If you list your items in the middle of the night, no one will see it.


Keep your listings simple and professional and have good photos. Describe items clearly and mention any flaws. Some information to include (if applicable) is:

- condition
- size
- color
- style
- manufacturer’s name
- year of manufacture (if vintage)
- material
- any damage to the item
- that you have stored it in a clean, dry free place

In your descriptions, you can link to an additional page that gives further info about item you’re selling or more photo. However, it's against eBay policies to link to another website where you’re selling/trading merchandise.

Accept returns. You will more likely get positive feedback if you accept returns and you will be able to clear up any problems.

How to Price

Pricing is important on eBay. The standard way to pay and accept payment on eBay is PayPal so make sure you have an account set up. You can also offer other methods of payment though so don't feel like you only have to use PayPal.

Research to see how much your item sells for. Some sellers begin the bidding at the price they paid for the item and additional amount to cover fees to protect investment. Search completed auctions on eBay. You can sort by price at the top of the page. Also look online at other sites, such as Google Shopping and Amazon, to see how your item is selling on other places.

Buy it Now and Fixed Price

The "Buy it Now" feature allows you to set a fixed price. I like to have the "Buy it Now" price for a higher price (about twice as much as the auction price) in case somebody wants to buy the item right away. You can also set a "Fixed Price" which means you will only have a fixed price and not an auction. This is good to do if you want to sell at an exact price or if you have a lot of one item.

eBay and PayPal Fees

Consider eBay and PayPal fees when pricing your item. You can use this online calculator to calculate eBay fees. You can learn about eBay fees here. You can use eBay's official calculator here.

Fees vary depending on how long you list an item for and any extras you have. Insertion cost per item is never more than $4.80. Your first 50 listings are free each month for standard 7 day listings (or 1 day and 3 day listings).You can choose how long your listing will last for.  If you have an item listed for 10 days or more, it's costs a fee for each listing.

If you add any eBay listing options, such as making your title bold or putting your item in the Featured Plus category, consider those fees. Extra features are usually only good to use if your item is more expensive than $100. Make sure your shipping price is accurate so you don't have to aside extra money for shipping.

If your item doesn't sell the first time around, relist items if you want to try selling them again so you won't be charged a second insertion fee.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Egg Decorations

Happy Easter! Here are some ideas for decorating Easter eggs.

Easter Egg Decorations

Do something different and make an Easter tree.

Easter Egg Decorations

Add glitter to your eggs to give them sparkle. 

Easter Egg Decorations

These 3D Easter eggs have polka dots

Easter Egg Decorations

Use gold leaf on your Easter eggs to give it an elegant look. 

Easter Egg Decorations

Why not use a marker for a simple way to decorate Easter eggs? You can also try using different colored markers.

How do you like to celebrate Easter?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Artwork from My Childhood

I thought I'd post some older artwork I've done from my childhood.

I made the sketches above when I was younger. This sketch below is from around the time I was in high school:

If you have older artwork you've done, I tag you to do a blog post about it. Leave a link to it in the comments.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

eBay Tutorial Part 2: Choosing What to Sell

How to Sell on eBay Part 2
                 Part 2: Choosing What to Sell

Now that you're registered for eBay and at least somewhat familiar with the website, it's time to sell some items.

Choosing What to Sell

You can sell anything you want on EBay. Start by looking around the house for items you don't want anymore. Think about your hobbies and what interests you. You can sell handmade items (such as items you sell on Etsy) or used items. I've found I've had more luck with used items on eBay because people are looking for a deal.

eBay has a section called Popular Items section where you can see the trends on what is selling. You can sell popular items or find your own niche. To see if an item sells well on eBay, enter the item and then click "Completed Listings". See what percentage of listings sell and how much they sell.

Things that sold for me well are skincare, makeup, media (CDs, DVDs, etcs), samples (especially free makeup samples), eBooks (you have to put them on a CD though and mail them to sell them on eBay) and electronics (even broken ones). Popular brands of anything like makeup, clothes and electronics always sell well even though it also means there is more competition. Electronics and electronic parts are good to make money. Even if they are broken, people will buy the electronics at a reduced price for their parts. Outdated electronics are also good to sell if you have old electronics you don't use.

Items that didn't sell well for me are Beanie Babies, old clothes that have rips or stains and stuffed animals. You might have better luck though! You can try selling anything on eBay since there is somebody somewhere that might want it and there are a large number of visitors on eBay. Sometimes weird items you don't think will sell do well. If you look up "junk drawer", you will see people sell a bunch of unwanted items in their junk drawer. I got a bunch of animal rights CDs for free from the animal rights organized PETA. I had hundreds of extras and was able to sold those on eBay.

When deciding what to sell, also think about how much it will cost to ship. Smaller items cost less to ship and you can use bubble envelopes. Larger and heavier items are more expensive to ship. Even though the buyer pays for shipping, you'll want to keep this in mind. If an item is cheap to ship, you can offer free shipping and calculate the shipping price in to the price you sell your item. If an item costs a lot to ship and the item is cheap, people might not want to pay the extra shipping costs.

You can specialize in one type of item or sell a variety of things. If you're new to eBay, I'd recommend experimenting with different items and seeing what sells the best. You can specialize in one (or a couple) items if they sell really well.

Finding Items

Once you've tried selling items you have, you can ask friends or family if they have any items they want you to sell. You can become a trading assistant where you help sell items for other people, but you have to be an experienced eBay seller. You can also buy items and resell them. You can buy wholesale or liquidation which means you buy a bunch of items in bulk for cheap and sell them individually for a higher price. Here are some places you could consider buying wholesale or discount from:

Google:  Try googling whatever you want to sell and add keywords such as "wholesale", "dropshipping" and "liquidation" at the end.
- Garage sales:  Garage sales are good to buy items for cheap and you can negotiate the price. Look on Craigslist or in the newspaper for garage sales in your town.
- Craigslist: Craigslist is a good place to find items and resell them. Look under the "free" section" for items that might sell well on eBay.
- Freebies and Coupons: Save any samples you get from stores or in the mail. Coupons also sell well on eBay, but make sure they are not expired.
 -Resale shops: Look at resale shops like Goodwill and Salvation Army.
- Discount clubs and dollar stores: Discount clubs, such as Sam's Club, and dollar stores are other good places to find items for cheap.
- eBay: Buy in bulk on wholesale. Use these keywords when you do your search - liquidation, wholesale, resale, resell, "case of", "case quantity", "lot of", "pallet of", closeout, surplus
- Salehoo: This site has a big list of companies that sell wholesale. You have to pay a one time price of $67, but you get a lot of valuable information and hopefully you will make that money back quickly.

Since it costs money to buy and then resell, I recommend setting a limit to how much you can spend. It might be a good idea to put 50% of whatever sales you make on eBay back in to investing to get new items.

Now that you have some items, it's time to photograph them and get them listed.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

eBay Tutorial Part 1: All About eBay

How to Sell on eBay Part 1
Part 1: All About eBay

eBay is a great way to make money online. You can make a little extra money by selling items you have around the house or make a lot of money by having your own business on eBay. I signed up on eBay in 2004 and I've been selling on and off on eBay ever since then. This tutorial will share with you some tips I have learned from selling on eBay and similar sites. There are six parts. Look for a new part every Tuesday.

About eBay

eBay is the largest auction site on web. It allows people and businesses to buy and sell a broad variety of goods and services worldwide. If you're not already registered, you can sign up here. Consider your user ID when you sign up. You might want to have a company name if you're serious about selling on eBay or your Etsy user name.

If you've never used eBay before, I'd recommend bidding or purchasing a few items before selling to get the feel of how it works. Set up your About Me page. You might want to include some basic info about yourself like who you are and where you live, your hobbies/things you collect and whether you run your eBay business full time or part time.

You can also choose to run an eBay store which costs more money. I wouldn't recommend signing up for an eBay store right away. An eBay store is good to open if you're already making money on eBay, know exactly what items you are selling and know you're making enough to cover the costs of running a shop.

Other Websites

There are other websites besides eBay you might want to check out.

Amazon - Amazon is good for selling media items such as books, CDs and DVDs. I did a tutorial on selling on Amazon here.

Craigslist - Craigslist is good for selling big items you want people to come in person to pick up.

BluJay - BluJay is an online marketplace that is completely free to open. It's not an auction website, but you can open a store there.

uBid - UBid is similar to eBay, but you have to apply to become a seller and it costs some money to sign up. 

This tutorial is mostly specific to eBay, but you can use the tips for other websites. Check back for part 2 of this tutorial next week to learn what items you should sell.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

World Autism Awareness Day

Today is World Autism Awareness Day. Every year, autism organizations celebrate the day with fundraising and other events. My brother has autism so I celebrate this day every year.

I have these autism themed items in my shop:

Autism Awareness Mini Journal<//a>

Autism Awareness Journal

Autism Awareness Box

You can see all items in the autism section I made here. You can also check out my Pinterest board on autism here. If you purchase an autism related items, 25% of your payment will be donated to KindTree.org, a group that promotes artists with autism.