Interested in working with My Thread of Thought? My Thread of Thought readers are mostly women interested in arts, crafts and running a small business. Contact me at for all opportunities.

Advertising: Ads run for exactly 30 days. Ad spaces are listed nelow. I am also currently accepting ad swaps. You just need to e-mail me and let me know what size ad you need for your blog. I prefer ads related to arts, crafts and running a small business. I have the right to refuse your ad if it is not what I am looking for. I accept payment through PayPal. Contact me for more 

Spotlight – 250 x 300 pixels - $9
Middle Man – 250 x 250 pixels - $6
Baby – 250 x 100 - $4

Guest Posts: I accept guest posts. If you have an interesting idea for a blog post and you think it fits with my blog, I am interested in posting it. Please see the Guest Posts page for more details on guest posts.


Interviews: I do blog posts with interviews. I interview bloggers, artists, crafters, small business owners and other people I find inspiring. Your blog post will also include photos from your website,  a photo of yourself and a link to your blog or website. Please see the Guest Posts page for more details on interviews. If you are interested in being interviewed, please contact me.

Reviews and Sponsored Posts: I do sponsored posts and reviews. I am interested in working with you and your company. I will do a post with an honest review and include a link to your company or website. I am interested in reviewing your product or service if it fits with the theme and content of my blog. Some good examples of products I will review are items from a handmade Etsy shop, a business service or a vegan product. Some companies I have worked with include Moleskine, Moo, Madison Street Beauty and Tea Box.

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