Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Craft Shows Tutorial Part 3: Tips for at the Craft Show

You've applied for the craft show, got accepted and have all your materials ready. This part of the tutorial is all about tips for the actual craft show. These are some tips I've learned:

*Have at least one other person with you at your booth. It's always good to have extra hands to help and you might need to take a bathroom break or want to get up every once in a while.

*Walk around to other booths when you can so you can connect to other vendors and see what they are selling.

*Bring something to do, like a book or materials to work on your craft, for times when you get bored and not a lot of people are coming to your table. When someone comes to your table, be friendly. Starting a conversation with them can help you connect to your customers and may help you make a sale.

*When you make a sale, write it down so you know what sells and you can take it off your Etsy shop.

*Before you go to the craft show, put your shop on vacation to make sure the same item doesn't sell at the same time.

*Have business cards with you to put out on your display and bring extra cards in case those run out. I also have coupon code cards that are like small business cards with a discount code for the customer's next order. When somebody buys something, I give them two business cards and a coupon code card.

*Have pricing labels for all your items. You can use stickers for each item or you can make signs in front of the type of item. For example, I have signs for journals, greeting cards and boxes with a price for each one so it's not too complicated. I usually sell items a little bit cheaper at craft shows than online.

*Post about your craft show experience on your blog, Facebook, Flickr, etc. so you can reflect on how it went and share with other people.

What are your best tips for craft shows? To see parts 1 and 2 of this tutorial, click here and here.


Eyelah said...

Thanks for those tip!! I did a craft fair a long time ago and I felt so scarred by that experience I haven't done it again. There were hardly any visitors and I felt ill-prepared. I think if I ever do one again I will make sure I have lots and lots of inventory.

L-A said...

Hi, great post, and really great blog. I found you through Blogging Buddies on etsy, I have followed.

opian said...

You're right; having someone to help you is necessary ! Thanks for the tips.